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Nagios 3.3.1 is out! And the Slackware packages are ready

Nagios 3.3.1 was released a few days ago and since it is a program I like a lot, I immediately started working on the updated SlackBuild script.
What is new
The complete ChangeLog for version 3.3.1 can be found here. Basically, it contains several improvements and bug-fixes “under the hood”, but it also has some new enhancements [...]

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Transmission Slackware package updated to 2.33

I received two different reports over the last few days that version 2.31 of Transmission was causing segmentation faults and that the new 2.33 version solved this.
Although I use Transmission all the time, I never experienced this problem. But, since updating to 2.33 solves this for others, I updated my SlackBuild and submitted the new [...]

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LibreOffice 3.4.1 package for Slackware and what to do about missing sources…

Another version of LibreOffice was released recently, 3.4.1.
When I first “created” the SlackBuild for LibreOffice (I actually adapted rworkman’s OpenOffice.org script with his permission) it was because I was convinced that it would substitute OpenOffice.org eventually, as “open source” and “Oracle” did not sound like a happy marriage. And it seems that I was right, [...]

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New DeVeDe version released – Slackware package updated

Exactly a year after the precious version, 3.17.0 of DeVeDe was released.
The release statement tells us that the following items were added / fixed:

Fixed a bug in MKISOFS, when it shows decimals with a comma instead of a dot
Defines the VIDEO_FORMAT environment variable, needed in current SPUMUX versions
Added bugfix AC3_FIX for current MENCODER versions
Other little [...]

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Slackware packages for LeoCAD

Another update that was long over due… LeoCAD 0.75.2 is out, and the pieces library has grown from 3.934 to 4.351 pieces!
The 0.75.2 release mainly resolves some bugs and crashes, but it needs the newer pieces library to work, so do update both packages!
I already submitted the new SlackBuild scripts and the pre-built packages can [...]

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New Slackware package for Transmission 2.31

Yes, I’ve been too busy lately to announce all new packages on my blog, but I do try to update most of them when new versions come out.
Today I updated the transmission package, for which version 2.31 was released recently. It adds a few interesting enhancements (like trying to download the scarcest pieces first) and [...]

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Slackware 13.37 and new packages

I’ve been quite absent over the last few weeks, simply because of lack of time. I recently moved to a new house – or should I say “old” house? This house was originally built in 1938… That’s even older than I am!
Up to now it has been an exciting experience, especially since I like [...]

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Updated Slackware packages for BRL-CAD and viewvc

After some requests I received, I updated two of my packages for the latest versions:

BRL-CAD – updated for version 7.18.2
viewvc – updated for version 1.1.10

BRL-CAD now has a working version of Archer, user-friendly interface to mged.
viewvc 1.1.10 fixes some bugs.
The new packages can be found on my site.

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LibreOffice 3.3.2 + Language Packs for Slackware

LibreOffice 3.3.2 has been released officially and I prepared the usual packages for Slackware 32- & 64 bits.
I put them in my Slackware 13.37 repository, but they should work just as fine on Slackware 13.1, as these are repackaged from the original binaries built by the Document Foundation.
Feel free to download the pre-built packages or [...]

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VHBA and RocketRaid 2320 (rr232x) modules with Kernel 2.6.37.x

Only a few days ago I was informed by a user that the VHBA kernel module – for which I maintain the SlackBuild script – stopped working with the new and kernels in Slackware 13.37 (actually, it’s still officially -current).
When I say “stopped working”, I’m actually being nice… It caused a fatal crash [...]

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