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Slackware 13.37 and new packages

Slackware_buttonI’ve been quite absent over the last few weeks, simply because of lack of time. I recently moved to a new house – or should I say “old” house? This house was originally built in 1938… That’s even older than I am! :)
Up to now it has been an exciting experience, especially since I like to fix things on my own – I’m acting as an electrician, locksmith, plumber, painter, interior designer, etc… I have lost more than five kilos in the process, as the days have been long and the nights short. But it was worth all the trouble until now!

Well, in the mean time, Slackware 13.37, the “Elite” edition, was released on April 25th. I tried to help as much as possible as one of the staff, doing what I like most: investigating things that did not work and write patches for programs. The result is that – with a huge effort from all the admins, we had a working repository of > 2.600 scripts when 13.37 came out!

When 13.37 was officially released, I was still installing the network in my new / old house. But I set up a few wireless access points I had to get my laptop and netbook on-line with my new 15Mb internet connection. I’m still installing the 1Gb cabling, as it took some time to find the drill to get through these very solid brick walls :) As you might imagine, I’m sort of a “geek”, so my network has about 10 systems running simultaneously here at home…
But I had the task of building all the packages of the script I maintain on on a clean 13.37 system to put them on my site. This took a couple of nights, but they are all ready now and have been uploaded. Well, at least for Slackware and Slackware64. The packages for ARMedslack will have to wait until I can find my external USB drive I put in a box before moving…
But, almost all packages have been built and uploaded for i486 and x86_64 architectures. Only one did not survive: inadyn. It seems that project is dead. But there is a good alternative: ddclient. I recently took over maintenance of that script and it works quite well.

To check out all the packages I built, go to my site.

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