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New packages for LibreOffice, Freeciv and Zabbix

The year 2011 started with changes and lots of work, so I have been without time to work on most private projects, including the SlackBuild scripts I maintain.
But things are clearing up and I found some time this weekend to update some scripts – the ones most people asked me about :)

Actually, this was a nice popularity test… I received *lots* of e-mails asking about an update for LibreOffice, which reached the stable stage with version 3.3.0.
Next in order of requests was Zabbix, for the new version 1.8.4.
And third in line was FreeCiv – the game.

These updates were long over due but they are all in the pending queue on now.
As I write this I’m also uploading everything to my site, for those who can’t wait ;)

I’ll do some more updates soonish, so keep following the news here…

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