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nhexed v2.00.03 (third alpha) available

Another week has passed, so it’s time for some news on nHex-Ed :)

The third alpha release of nHex-Ed offers several new features, bringing it close to what I had in mind for the first “real” release of this little hex editor.

The following items are new or improved:

  • Completely rewritten menu routines, with shortcuts and direct-access keycodes that can be used without entering the menu itself
  • Rewritten “forms” routines, with ins/del/home/end keys and “radio-button” style choice between hex/ascii or hex/decimal entries for searching and entering addresses
  • Improved search routine, remembering the previous search string the way it was entered (hex or ascii)
  • Improved “goto” routine, remembering preference for hex or decimal
  • Added -j startup option to jump directly to a specific address in the file
  • Recalculate number of columns and rows if the terminal window is resized
  • Several bug fixes (thanks to all who gave feedback!), including a rare segfault and some odd behavior in Xfce Terminal

Here is a partial screenshot showing the new menu with the shortcuts and direct-access keycodes:

The new tarball is available for download from nHex-Ed’s homepage.

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