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nhexed v2.00.02 (second alpha) available

Work continues on my little hex-editor…
Although a lot still needs to be done, I decided to release a second alpha version, as the first one has been downloaded quite a few times already.

This second test version brings:

  • A “find” function (still not the way I want it, but for now it’s working)
  • “Goto” to jump directly to a specific position in the file
  • “Save As” option
  • Some small bugfixes
  • several small cosmetic changes

I’m currently rewriting the menu functions. The idea is to create something very flexible that can be used both with the ncurses interface as with gtk (yes, that’s where it will go eventually).

A tarball can be downloaded from nhexed’s homepage.
If you want to browse the sources, you can check them out on my public github page. But remember that sources from git are constantly changing, so be extra careful when using intermediate versions.

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