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Hex-Ed revisited


I wrote about my little Hex Editor before, but somehow this subject still comes back… It is still being downloaded several times a day (more than 2.000 downloads only this year!).


Although I haven’t done any programming in Windows for years, and Hex-Ed has received it’s last update in 2004, I still receive requests once in a while for new features for Hex-Ed. I thought about simply transforming it in Free, Open Software, publishing the code on my site, but the code is a bit messy, since I never thought about publishing it when I originally wrote it. And the base for Hex-Ed was written decades ago…

Fresh start

So recently I started to re-write it from scratch, but using several parts of the original code (especially the “internals”, that haven’t changed for years), including comments where helpful. The difference is that this time I’ll write it as an open-source project, to be compiled with gcc. The idea is to create a portable project that can be built & run under Linux, Windows and maybe even other systems. I have lots of ideas for improvements, but too little time to realize them all.
For now I have a version in “alpha” state – here is a basic screenshot of the ncurses version:


I’ll post updates on the progress whenever I have some time :)

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