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Updates… FreeCiv, brlcad, Zarafa – New packages for Slackware

I built several new / updated packages over the last few days, but did not have enough time to post about them.

First of all there is FreeCiv, a Civilization-like game for Linux.
The new version was adapted to run on smaller screens, like on netbooks.

The second update is for brlcad, with a new release 7.16.10 that solves some bugs in the previous version.

The third and last one is for Zarafa 6.40.1, the mail and collaboration suite.

All new / updated scripts have been submitted to SlackBuilds.org and newly built packages are available from my site.

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One Response to “Updates… FreeCiv, brlcad, Zarafa – New packages for Slackware”

  1. Sean Says:

    Fantastic work, Niels! Very cool.

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