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More packages for ARMedslack

The distributed build system has been working fine for the last few days / nights, so I managed to build several packages for ARMedslack.
These are now available for download on my site:

  • viewvc + Pygments (browser interface for cvs and svn)
  • xspacewarp (Time-Trek like game for X-Windows)
  • inadyn (Dynamic DNS updater)
  • nagios + nagios-plugins (IT monitoring system)
  • ntop + GeoIP + graphviz (Network usage monitor)
  • zabbix-server / -agentd / -proxy (Distributed monitoring solution)
  • hercules (Mainframe emulator)
  • lbench (Multi-thread benchmarking tool)
  • nbench (Console benchmarking tool)

This finishes the series of packages I planned to test / run on my ARMedslack system.
I might build other packages in the future, but there are no specific plans at the moment.

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