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Cacti, Zabbix and ntop updates – New Slackware packages available

It was time to update the monitoring packages on my server, so I spent some time to get them all up-to-date to the newest versions that were released recently:

First of all, there is new version of cacti, with several patches from upstream. It corrects a few bugs that appeared after the release of version 0.8.7g. Since there have been five patches, I called this version 0.8.7g_p5.

The second update is for Zabbix. I created new versions for zabbix_server and zabbix_agentd and added a new module, zabbix_proxy. All use the new 1.8.3 version that was released a few days ago.
I also implemented some suggestions I received by e-mail, mainly corrections in the documentation.

The third update is for ntop, which released a completely revamped version 4. I actually waited for version 4.0.1, as I had some stability problems with the 3.x series. This new version seems to be quite stable and adds some nice features.

The new SlackBuilds have been uploaded to and packages for Slackware (32 & 64 bits) are available on my site.

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