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Hebe – New GUI for Hercules

On the Hercules mailing list I read about a new graphical interface for Hercules on Linux, designed for KDE 4.4.
It is called “Hebe“, after Hercules’ wife (according to Greek mythology).

Hebe is described on its homepage as:

Hebe is a new KDE 4.4 front-end GUI for the Hercules z/Arch emulator. It was designed to have a modern look, like the VirtualBox interface; there are no dials! Hebe provides two consoles, one for Hercules and one for the SCP (system control program), AKA, the operating system. Input is automatically routed to the correct receiver. You can start as many instances of Hercules as your hardware can support.

I am not a big KDE fan, but I have all the libraries installed, as they come with Slackware, so the program works fine even under Xfce.

Using the standard cmake-template.SlackBuild, I put together a script in just a couple of minutes, which I submitted to SlackBuilds.org.

The resulting program looks really nice:
One really nice feature is the capability to run several copies of Hercules at the same time through one single interface.

For the inpatient, pre-built packages can be downloaded from my site.

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