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Most downloaded files

I created several packages for Slackware that can be downloaded from my site. Of course, some are more popular than others. To have some idea what people actually download from my pages, I created a counter that increases whenever someone requests a file. These counters started on August 30th, 2009.
I planned to create a simple page to show something like a “Top 10″ or whatever, but never managed to do it. So today, out of curiosity, I took a look at the MySQL table containing the counters, and the result was:

  1. Hex-Ed – a small (~80k) Hex Editor for Windows
  2. Sudoku.xls – an Excel macro to solve puzzles
  3. – a silly program to convert bitmaps to spreadsheets
  4. bal_local – a script to balance to internet connections
  5. slackware-1.01.tar.gz – the oldest Slackware version still around
  6. sls-1.03_x_series.tar.gz – the X series for Slackware or SLS
  7. Elevator.ldr – a Lego drawing of an elevator
  8. leocad-* – a drawing program for Lego
  9. Opleggertje – an Excel macro for a simple card game
  10. hercules-* – the mainframe emulator

It is interesting to see that the top three files are old Windows projects from a couple of years ago.
Hex-Ed was last updated in the beginning of 2007, but has been downloaded over a thousand times since august… My Slackware packages only get in the tens or hundreds of downloads :)

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