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New package for Zabbix

One more update before wrapping up: Zabbix released version 1.8.1

As suggested by upstream, I do not offer pre-built packages for the server, so I suggest you all wait for the SlackBuild to get out of the pending queue.

Packages for the new agent can be downloaded from my site already.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Zabbix (like 1.6.x) do not forget to run the update script that is provided with the sources. Enter all normal mysql parameters (like hostname, user, password, database) after the “upgrade” command like this:

upgrade -h <hostname_of_mysql_server>  -u <zabbix_user>  -p<password_of_zabbix_user> <database_name>

Pay special attention to the fact that there is no space between the -p and your password!

The defaults for the zabbix_user, password_of_zabbix_user and database_name are “zabbix”, but you might have changed that during the original installation.

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